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The world revolves around emerging technologies. Before even getting out of bed in the morning, hundreds of millions of people scramble to catch the latest news updates, emails, and social media notifications all on the little screens of their smartphones… and phones aren’t the only tools getting smarter.

Smart cars, smart homes, and even smart contact lenses are all on the way, and the benefits of emerging technologies don’t stop there. For instance, the average human lifespan is higher than ever thanks to cutting-edge biomedical technologies. We are safer than ever thanks to recent advances in sensor arrays, security scanners, and predictive analytics. And as our lives are dramatically altered by disruptive technologies, so is the stock market.


In 2010, the biggest companies in the world were some of Warren Buffett’s classic standbys: Exxon, Berkshire Hathaway, GE (all with a reasonable market cap of less than $400 million). But, by 2020, the tech giants had taken over, with Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Facebook leading the pack. The market cap for the largest company in the world, Apple, jumped to $2.2 trillion. Meanwhile, Exxon was no longer even among the top 20 companies globally.

We are experiencing the biggest technology revolution in human history. The highest growth stocks with the best overall performance are the companies at the forefront of these exciting emerging technologies. 10-15 years ago some of today’s biggest tech giants were just startups, and there are more opportunities coming!

All signs indicate that this trend is here to stay: disruptive technologies are the future. It is no longer sensible to only invest in what you comfortably understand. You have to branch out to where the fruit is. And today, much of the fruit is in tech. The next TSLA, AMZN, FB, GOOG, NFLX will emerge from disruptive technologies.

You have to get in the know, now!

I can help you learn to think differently about investing and get in the game! You can find some excellent resources to get started on this website, and you can click the link below to the Chapter 1 of my upcoming book about probabilistic thinking for investing in disruptive technologies.

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